Terrorists In J&k Are Using Afghanistan Armour-piercing Bullets, Requiring The Indian Army To Order New Bulletproof Jackets

In clashes with Indian security forces in Kashmir, some terrorists utilised American armour-piercing rounds and were effective in breaking troops’ bulletproof vests.

The bullets are part of the American armament left behind in Afghanistan by US soldiers who were forced to leave earlier than intended due to the Taliban’s capture of all major provinces and cities.

“Terrorists employed armour-piercing rounds at security personnel and were able to penetrate several of the troops’ bulletproof vests. Terrorists had also been discovered utilising advanced Made in Canada night sights, which were left over from NATO troops stationed there “ANI obtained information from government sources.

According to them, the topic was discussed by high army brass during the Army Commanders’ Conference in April.

Armour-piercing bullets or steel core bullets can penetrate bullet protection given by a particular level of jackets, posing a threat to personnel conducting missions.

The Indian Army has also begun to take counter-measures in response to the threat posed by these projectiles.

“During the clashes, the terrorists utilised these bullets, which pierced the jackets in a few cases. We’ve been using level 3 jackets up till now, but we’ll be getting level 4 jackets shortly, which will shield us from these bullets “According to ANI, the commanding officer of the Srinagar-based Chinar Corps.

It was expected that these terrorist groups will exploit leftover American equipment to carry out atrocities in India.

According to sources, the US military has a stockpile of weapons and equipment valued roughly USD 7-8 billion, including helicopters, infantry combat vehicles, communication equipment, and other armament.

The Taliban have taken control of the most of it, while tiny Islamist terrorist groups have also gained access to and are exploiting it.

Terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir had previously been detected using M-16 assault rifles and M-4A carbines made in the United States. During their quick pullout from Afghanistan, American troops are thought to have left over 6.5 of these types of rifles behind.

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