The Centre Is Expected To Approve The Military Recruitment Scheme ‘Agnipath’ Soon; A Meeting Is Scheduled For June 4th

The Indian Army is set to resume recruitment after a two-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. The Union Cabinet is expected to adopt the new Agnipath recruitment system for induction of soldiers into three defence services soon.

On Saturday, June 4, a high-level meeting with top government officials and military leaders will be convened to discuss the final details of the Agnipath recruitment programme, under which soldiers from three services would be recruited for four-year terms, according to government sources.

According to rumours, the Indian Army’s ‘Tour of Duty entrance system’ has been renamed Agnipath. The armed forces started talking about the Tour of Duty concept two years ago, in which soldiers would be recruited on a short-term contract, trained, and deployed in various domains.

How will the ‘Agnipath’ scheme benefit the youth?

According to the early plans, roughly 20 to 25 percent of the hired youth known as ‘Agniveers’ would be offered lengthier tenures after a six-month initial training period, while the rest would be dismissed with a severance payout worth around Rs 10-12 lakh.

According to the sources, if everything goes according to plan, the recruiting procedure for the first batch of Agniveers might begin in the next three to four months. The military will also be able to hire specialists for certain duties who will fulfil the required function.

The recruitment of personnel in the armed forces had been halted because to the COVID-19 pandemic. Soldiers who are discharged from the military will be assisted in finding civilian occupations.

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