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The Gorkha Rifles: 200 years of gallantry

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On 10th November 2017, at Varanasi, the past due General Bipin Rawat and his wife Mrs Madhu Rawat had attended the bicentenary celebrations of two hundred years of the primary elevating of a Gorkha unit of the ninth Gorkha Rifles.

This became one of the earliest devices raised through the East India Company and having a ‘India-Nepal connect’.

However, the primary regiment of those hardy Nepalese infantrymen became certainly raised through Sir Robert Colquhuon on April 24, 1815 in Uttaranchal with guys from Nepal, Kumaon and Garhwal regions. At that point battalions, 1/1 GR and 1/three GR, have been raised. To positioned it in perspective, the elevating of those Gorkha devices have been preceded withinside the Indian navy through just a few others inclusive of the Madras and Grenadiers Regiments (1758), Punjab Regiment (1761), Rajputana Rifles (1775), Rajput Regiment (1778), Jat Regiment (1795) and Kumaon Regiment (1813).

The Gorkha infantrymen recruited withinside the navy might be described, now no longer in any derogatory sense, because the Foreign Legion of India, for, despite the fact that infantrymen of our navy, they’re unexampled for his or her gallantry and loyalty. However, they’re now no longer residents of India, however the ones of the adjacent Republic of Nepal.

Recruited beneathneath unique treaties among India and Nepal, those wiry gallant broad-chested large hearted guys have been first taken into the East India Company’s carrier toward the give up of the Anglo- Nepal wars in 1815 while events of captured enemy remodeled their allegiance to General Ochterlony after the give up of the Nepalese chieftain Amar Singh and the autumn of his castle of Malaun. Four abnormal Nepalese devices have been in the beginning authorized; the primary to be called the first and 2d Nasiri Gurkha Battalions, the name ‘Nasiri’ implying friendly.

David Ochterlony and British political agent William Fraser have been the various first to understand the ability of those hardy Gurkha infantrymen.

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