The Indian Army is planning to employ electric vehicles in its fleet in the near future.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) in three categories, including motorbikes, buses, and vehicles, will be introduced into the Indian Army’s fleet in the near future, reducing the army’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Perfect Metal Industries (PMI), Revolt Motors, and Tata Motors demonstrated their electric vehicles to defence Minister Rajnath Singh and other military services stakeholders on Friday, highlighting the advancement in technology and range of operation gained in this field over the last few years.

In New Delhi, the firms displayed their electric vehicles in front of Chief of Army Staff Gen MM Naravane and other Indian Army personnel.

Even though militaries around the world are still considering switching to electric vehicles in their fleets, Indian Army Chief Gen Naravane believes that electric vehicles are the way of the future, according to a statement released by the Ministry of Defence.

Learn more about the Indian Army’s intentions to transition to electric vehicles.

The Indian Army is working on developing a specific timetable for introducing electric vehicles. This was done on the orders of the Chief of Army Staff, and a Board of Officers was formed with Lieutenant General Manoj Kumar Singh Yadav, Director General of Supplies and Transport (DGST), as the Presiding Officer.

Lieutenant General Manoj Kumar Singh Yadav briefed the Chief of Army Staff, top army commanders, and other senior officers about the planned introduction of EVs and the recommendations of the Board of Officers earlier this week during the Army Commanders meeting in New Delhi.

Several initiatives taken by the government to promote EVs in India have shown to be beneficial — FAME I and II both policies have boosted infrastructure development, which is assisting in the long-term sustainability of the EV ecosystem in India. Additionally, the installation of EV charging stations has been delicensed in order to facilitate EV adoption.

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