The Indian Army Is Preparing To Issue A Tender For Carbines And Bulletproof Clothing

Before launching a tender for the acquisition in November, the Indian Army has made a fresh need for carbines and asked domestic arms producers for information about the potential supply of more than 425,000 guns meeting the required standards.

The officials, the close-quarter carbines will be used by soldiers on the front lines, including along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) with China, where the two nations have been engaged in a tense standoff since May 2020.

The army stated in its request for information that the force is looking to buy 5.56mm carbines with an effective range of at least 200 metres (RFI). The document, which was released on Thursday, also lists other requirements for the weapon, including as precision and dependability.

This development comes months after the defence ministry approved domestic defence procurement of 28.732 crore, including carbines, armed drone swarms, and bullet-proof clothing. The army has also released a request for information for 47,627 armoured vests.

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