The Ministry Of Defence Collaborates With Private Players  To Produce Military Equipment

The Indian Air Force contacted the domestic defence industry on Wednesday, requesting feedback on the production of eight military equipment, including Apache and Chinook helicopter simulators and communication devices.

In addition, three army projects, including an Indian light tank, an autonomous combat vehicle, and an integrated surveillance and targeting system for mechanised forces, have been given to Indian industry for design and development under the Defense Acquisition Procedure (DAP)-2020 categories.

The action attempts to implement the government’s goal to indeginize substantial portions of the army, air force, and navy’s defence procurement, which are highly reliant on imports. According to the Defence Ministry, the industry would be given financial assistance to produce prototypes for these projects.

“For the first time since the launch of Industry Friendly DAP-2020, Indian Industry has been participating in the creation of big-ticket platforms like as Light tanks and Communication Equipment with Indian Security standards,” the Ministry noted, emphasising the importance of the exercise.

The IAF held a webinar and provided numerous presentations to industry people to raise awareness about the eight initiatives, three of which were classified as Make-I and the other five as Make-II, according to the IAF.

Details of the meeting

According to air force sources present at the conference, the goal was to introduce and inform the private sector about the IAF’s expectations as well as hear their concerns. “They now have to submit proposals for each of the projects that have been practically outlined to them,” the sources stated.

The Defence Ministry’s collegiate committee gave the list of projects ‘Approval In Principle (AIP)’. Airborne Electro-Optical Pod with Ground-Based System, Wearable Robotic Equipment for Aircraft Maintenance, Airborne Stand-off Jammer, and Design & Development of Automatic Take-Off/Landing Recording System are some of the IAF’s other projects (ATORS).

The Society of Indian Defence Manufacturers (SIDM), the main organisation of the Indian defence industry, organised the IAF’s interaction with private participants via a webinar.

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