“They’re A Sovereign Nation And Can Make Their Own Decisions”: US On India Taking Part In Vostok War Games

The Pentagon said that the US and India have a very close defence relationship and didn’t want to talk about the latest military exercises that included Russia, India, and China.

“India is a sovereign country, so they can decide for themselves with whom they want to do exercises,” “At his news conference on Tuesday, Brig. Gen. Patrick Ryder, a spokesman for the Pentagon, told reporters.

“Of course, we’ve been glad to work with India in the region. As you know, they’re an important partner, and we’ll keep working closely with them “When asked about India taking part in a war game with Russia and China, he said this.

“They have played games, like war games, with Russia and China, which makes some people nervous “They asked him.

“We have a very close partnership and relationship with India, especially when it comes to defence. We will continue to work with India and make that relationship even stronger “Ryder said.

From September 1 to 7, the Vostok military exercise is happening in different places in Russia’s Far East. This is happening at the same time that Russia is invading Ukraine. India and China are among the countries that are taking part in the exercises.

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