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Budget 2022: Can focus on building submarines, drones, warships and aircraft carriers

File:IAC1 Vikrant during sea trials (cropped).png - Wikimedia CommonsGovernment may not be able to fully utilize the budget it has allocated for defense equipment and arms purchases in 2021. Strengthening the navy may be one of the main objectives of the Indian Ministry of Defense as the Chinese threat increases.

India’s defense budget has remained stable at around 2% of GDP for the past five years. The Indian government has pledged to spend 19% – of the ₹4.78 crore allocated to the defense sector – on purchasing new equipment, weapons, fighter jets and others by March 2022.

According to Sameer Patil, Senior Fellow of the ORF, that money may not be fully spent as planned, a national security and defense expert told Business Insider. , who also believes that the upcoming Feb. 1 budget could focus more on bolstering the Indian Navy. in absolute terms, it could remain low as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP). India’s defense budget has remained stable at around 2% of GDP for the past five years.

India successfully test-fires naval version of BrahMos missile - The HinduAlthough the recommended fee is 3%. Here’s why India needs to beef up its navy While India has always fought China on its land borders, this year’s budget could focus on building and modernizing its forces at sea. that the Chinese threat in the Indian Ocean has also increased simultaneously, according to Patil.

Commodore Anil Jai Singh, a submarine veteran, also expressed concern that China “donated” the Type 035 Ming 035 diesel-electric submarine – the oldest class of submarine. Chinese inventory sailors – in Myanmar last month.

China has increased its presence in the Indian Ocean even before the Galwan clash in 2021, Patil added. Some passages are already visible. “We have seen that LandT and Mazagon Dockyard have been selected as India’s strategic partners for building the next series of submarines,” Patil added.

This project, which aims to build P75i submarines, is expected to see an investment of up to ₹45,000 crore. The Indian Army is also trying to defend itself by building an underwater warfare capability, buying more maritime surveillance drones and building a fleet of 300 for the Indian Navy.

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