To enable rapid delivery, the IAF is considering a ‘Buy Global, Make In India’ model for multirole fighter jet procurement. Report

According to the Economic Times, the Indian Air Force (IAF) is considering a similar strategy for prospective fighter aircraft purchase after the success of the Tata-Airbus collaboration to produce transport aircraft in India.

The Air Force is planning to buy 110 multi-role fighter aircraft (MRFA) for a total cost of $20 billion.

According to senior government officials, the IAF analysed at least four alternative procurement options before moving forward with its MRFA requirement, and concluded that ‘Buy Global, Make in India’ would be the best model for seamless project proceedings and on-time execution.

According to the source, the concept will likely allow for the rapid supply of combat aircraft that are desperately needed in the region to maintain a military edge.

The ‘Buy Global, Make in India’ approach is said to be less complicated, with a simple shortlisting procedure.

The news follows the apparent failure of the Strategic Partnership (SP) model, which involves an Indian business partnering with a foreign supplier to produce important platforms in India.

The first project for the procurement of Naval Utility Helicopters by the Indian Navy under the SP model is on the edge of failure.

Similarly, the Project 75I plan to acquire conventional submarines is stalling, with foreign technology providers expressing their unwillingness to satisfy what they call unjustified “joint and severe responsibilities” for a product that will be constructed by the Indian partner, according to ET.

The ‘Buy Global, Make in India’ strategy, on the other hand, has been proven successful with the signing of a contract for a Tata-Airbus joint venture to construct C 295 transport aircraft.

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