To Prevent Potential Flare-ups On LAC, India And China Are Expected To Have An Air Force To Air Force Hotline

The need for a direct hotline between the Chinese and Indian Air Forces was raised during recent negotiations last week at the border meeting point in Chushul-Moldo.

According to them, future military-level discussions between the two countries will likely include discussion of the hotline’s structure and operational level. According to sources, the need for a direct hotline between the air forces was felt since problems with fighter aircraft can quickly get out of hand and result in a major battle.

The recent Chinese Air Force activity in the Eastern Ladakh sector, where they often violated the 10 km Confidence Building Measure line and once obviously crossed over while taking a turn on June 25, constitute the background of the discussions in this respect. The Indian response to the Chinese’s actions surprised them.

The Chinese complained that the Indian Air Force was doing extensive flying on their side of the border during the negotiations, according to the sources, and the Indian side requested that they refrain from such actions.

The Mirage 2000 aircraft startled the Chinese Air Force aircraft by reaching the regions of potential intrusion far faster than they had anticipated in terms of response time, after conducting extensive flying inside Indian territory from a neighbouring airbase in Jammu and Kashmir.

For the first time since the two sides’ hostilities began in April-May 2020, representatives from the Chinese Air Force and the Indian Air Force attended the military discussions that were held last Tuesday.

The Air Force is now likely to participate in all future military discussions between the two sides, as did the Indian side, which also included members from the Army.

During the most recent special military discussions, the IAF was represented by an Air Commodore, but according to the sources, at the Corps Commander level talks, the IAF may be represented by an officer with the rank of Air Vice Marshal.

dealing with the aggressive actions and air breaches by China. According to directives from Air Headquarters, the Indian Air Force has responded in accordance with the established procedures.

The Chinese actions across the LAC around the sites of tension near the Finger area and the Hot Springs are also being closely monitored by the Indian Army.

As a result of a missing ITBP soldier who was stationed close to the Chumar border on Monday night, Indian and Chinese forces are continuing to cooperate closely.

The Chinese side was notified by the Indian side to see if he had unintentionally crossed over to their side while they were looking for him.

He was discovered on his own side on Tuesday afternoon, though, and was returned to his camp, according to the sources.

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