Trump vs Triumf: What India can do to salvage Indo-US ties Trump vs Triumf: What India can do to salvage Indo-US ties

During the 1971 War, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, angered by the Indian military’s clinical demolition of the Pakistan armed forces, called Indians “such bastards”. His boss President Richard Nixon described Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as “that bitch”. Again, in 2011, an American diplomat delivered a lecture in Chennai described Indians as “dirty and dark”.

Yes, a large number of Americans are racist and the overwhelming majority of the country is possessed by an evangelistic zeal to conquer the world. But the US is no more an adversary as it was during the Cold War when it is believed Nixon contemplated nuclear bombing India cities to prevent the Indian Army from liberating Bangladesh.

Today, India and the US are friendly allies. In fact, in a 2012 Pew survey of 21 nations, Indians seemed most favourably disposed towards the US with only 12 per cent saying they had an unfavourable opinion of the US. Read More

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