Ukraine Braces Itself For Another Russian Onslaught.

Following widespread shelling that killed more than 30 people, Ukraine expects a new attack by Russian ground forces, as Kyiv’s Western allies brace for a worsening of the global energy crisis if Russia cuts its supply of oil and gas.

The bombardment across Ukraine, according to Ukraine’s general staff, is preparation for an intensification of hostilities as Russia attempts to conquer Donetsk province and dominate the whole Donbas industrial heartland.

Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said Russia has carried out 34 air strikes since Saturday, one of which killed 31 people and trapped dozens more.
Although Moscow denies targeting civilians, many Ukrainian cities, towns, and villages have been destroyed. And the human toll of Russia’s invasion, Europe’s largest battle since World War II, which is now in its fifth month, continues to rise.

According to Russia, an unknown number of people were killed in a Ukrainian raid on the Russian-held village of Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region.

“Unfortunately, some individuals have died, a huge number of people have been hurt, and many dozens of people have been left homeless,” said Volodymyr Leontyev, the chairman of the Kakhovka District military-civilian administration, according to Russia’s TASS news agency.
On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, claiming it was a “special military operation” to demilitarise the country and cleanse it of dangerous nationalists. Kiev and the West accuse Putin of conducting an imperialist territorial grab.

After failing to seize Kyiv fast, Putin’s forces proceeded to the Donbas, where the two provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk have been partially held by Russian-backed separatists since 2014.

Ukraine’s allies have provided it with weapons and slapped harsh sanctions on Russia. In turn, Moscow has utilised its massive oil and gas riches to bankroll its military budget.

However, as nations grapple with mounting energy and food prices, as well as rising inflation, faultlines are emerging among Kyiv’s allies.

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