Ukraine’s Defense Ministry Plotted To Blow Up A Bridge In Crimea, Using 22.77 Tonnes Of Explosives: Russia’s Assertion

On October 8, Ukraine assaulted the Kreuz Strait Bridge in Crimea, considered Russia’s pride, and the world witnessed the bridge crumble. The animosity between Russia and Ukraine has risen further as a result of the Ukrainian attack. At the same time, all countries have expressed concern about a nuclear assault.

In the midst of all of this, Russia’s security service, the FSB, has made a major announcement, claiming that the attack on the Crimea Bridge was planned by Kirill Budanov, the chief of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency.

Following the attack, the Russian security service apprehended eight persons. Five of the eight are Russian citizens, three are Ukrainians, and one is Armenian.

How did this attack happen?

According to media sources, the FSB interrogation of these apprehended suspects revealed that the scheme for this attack was hatched in August. The explosives were disguised in 22 polythene-wrapped construction pallets sent to Armenia’s Yervan Terminal between September 29 and October 3.

The bomb was loaded on a Georgia registration truck on October 4 and brought to the Russian city of Armavir on October 6. On October 7, a Ukrainian national named Solomko swapped the paperwork for this explosive package with the assistance of 5 Russian nationals.

This cargo was transported to death in the truck of Russian citizen Mikhir Yusubov on October 7. The truck left Simphoropol at 6:03 a.m., and the explosion occurred on the Crimea Bridge. Ukraine designed this attack, which employed 22.7 tonnes of explosives.

nuclear attack?

According to accounts, Russian President Vladimir Putin is enraged by the attack. Following the attack on the Crimea Bridge, Russia launched missiles towards various Ukrainian cities. At the same time, it is currently thought that Russia is capable of carrying out a nuclear assault.

Belarus is thought to have entered the conflict. Belarus has withdrawn its army from the Ukrainian border, where thousands of Russian soldiers already reside.

In light of Russia’s actions during the Crimea Bridge attack in the Russo-Ukraine war, Europe, including the United States, has expressed concern that Putin may launch a chemical or nuclear attack on Ukraine. Not only that, but the G-7, an organisation of the world’s seven largest economies, has expressed concern.

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