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US is ready to offers three frontline fighter to the Indian Air Force

By Times Now

On the eve of Aero India 2021, the United States of America offered the Indian Air Force three of its front-line combat aircraft: the F18, F15 and F21, the latest version of the F16.

‘Affairs Don Heflin, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aviation Kelli Seybolt and US Air Force Lt. Gen. David Krumm were in attendance, the message was clear: India was an important defense partner of the United States and the two countries would continue to work together to strengthen in the Asia-Pacific, whether the party is in power or not.

Yes, Atmanirbhar Bharat has looked at indigenization, US officials acknowledged, but added that India would need key capacity building. And the relationship wasn’t just about buying, selling, or even manufacturing. joint exercises and strategic agreements such as LEMOA or COMCASA and, more recently, BECA that the two parties have put in place.

Moreover, the possibility for Americans to create American fighters in India to help the Make in Process for India exists. Asked about India’s purchase of the Russian S400 air defense system, the Americans said they were aware of the acquisition, but if their friends are advised not to travel to Moscow for weapons, the case is dealt with on the basis of the case. The Americans did not talk about sanctions against India.

The United States will deploy the B1B supersonic heavy bomber at the inaugural ceremony tomorrow. They will fly over during the ceremony.The presence of the B1 will be a novelty: it will be the first time that an American bomber will land on Indian soil.

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  1. Both the F-16 and F-18 are ‘long in the tooth’.
    The IAF is not looking for a ‘heavy’ fighter. In any case, we’ll be getting a downgraded version.

  2. Both the F-16 and F-18 are ‘long in the tooth’.
    The IAF is not looking for a ‘heavy’ fighter. In any case, India will be getting a downgraded version of the F-15EX

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