‘Weapons and Night-Vision Gadgets’ Left By The US In Afghanistan Have Been Discovered At The LoC, According To A Senior Army Official.

A senior Army officer in charge of a formation along the Line of Control (LoC) revealed in an interview that high-tech weapons and night-vision gadgets left behind by US troops in Afghanistan have found their way into the hands of terrorists in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (Pok) who are attempting to infiltrate into India.

Furthermore, numerous Afghan-speaking troops are said to have reached PoK, and hundreds of Afghan SIM cards are active in places along the Line of Control (LoC), according to Major General Ajay Chandpuria, General Officer Commanding (GOC), 19 Infantry Division.

According to Chandpuria, it is also feared that terrorists who have fought in Afghanistan may try to slip into Jammu and Kashmir this summer.

Pakistani terrorists utilising American weaponry left behind by American troops have been discovered in recent months during skirmishes at the LoC, which resulted in the killing of infiltrators armed with these weapons and night-vision devices.

According to Chandpuria, the Army has intelligence that there are 100-130 terrorists in launch pads opposing the area of responsibility of his unit, also known as the Dagger Division.

“Over the last year, around a half-dozen infiltration attempts were made, and all of them were foiled, and a huge number of terrorists were slain,” Chandpuria added.

“Interestingly, from the weapons and equipment collected, we discovered that there was a lot of spill over of hi-tech weapons, night-vision devices, and equipment left over by the Americans in Afghanistan, now finding its way towards this side,” he said.

‘A large number of Afghan fighters have returned to Pakistan.’
Further explaining, Chandpuria stated that everyone has seen media stories claiming that when the Americans departed Afghanistan, they left behind more than 600,000 advanced small guns and several hundred thousand pieces of night-vision equipment.

“Some of these were collected during recent clashes at the LoC.” Certainly, they do not fit the Pak Army’s equipment description. So it’s just a matter of determining where this came from.”

When asked about fears that Pakistani militants fighting in Afghanistan could be transferred to Kashmir by the Pakistani Army, the senior commander stated it is a real possibility.

He said that a number of terrorist organisations were battling American forces in Afghanistan as part of the coalition.

“Now that the Taliban has taken authority there, there are many indications, and we have our own information, indicating that a big number of these militants have returned to Pakistan,” he said.

“In addition, we have received inputs that there are reports of (the existence of) Afghan-speaking persons in PoK,” Major General Chandpuria said. Hundreds of Afghan SIM cards have been reported to be functioning near the Line of Control.

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