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Why Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant Puts India In Select Group Of Nations

By News 18

It’s the “largest and most complex warship built in the country” and has just concluded a third round of sea trials ahead of its planned induction later this year. Sharing its name with an earlier vessel that had a storied career with the Indian Navy, the INS Vikrant propels the country into a select group of nations that have been able to master the know how to produce their own aircraft carriers. Here’s what you need to know.

What Did The Latest Trials Involve?

A defence official said in a tweet on January 17 that the INS Vikrant had “returned after completing 3rd Sea Trials”, days after it was reported to have embarked on its latest round of tests on January 9.

Known as Indigenous Aircraft Carrier, or IAC-1, it will be christened INS Vikrant when it enters service, reportedly in August this year.

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  1. Is the objective of the Navy area domination of the Indian Ocean region or membership of a select group of Nations? If it is ocean denial, then an aircraft carrier is irrelevant as the task can be better achieved with tiny bases scattered all over India’s islands among which missile destroyers, multi role fighters, amphibians, and attack submarines can move, swarm and dominate. If it is another Modi Turban, then an aircraft carrier serves the purpose, like a Quad that fights shy of a military purpose or a Saffron program that leaves temples, treasure and the commonwealth of the Brahmana led Savarna in Government hands.

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